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DJ Buddha LuvJonz is an electrifying and dynamic figure in the world of music and entertainment. With an infectious passion for creating uplifting and soul-stirring experiences through his music, DJ Buddha LuvJonz has carved a unique niche for himself in the industry. He recently opened-up for award winning artists such as: Erykah Badu, H.E.R., Monica, Joe & more. 


Known for his eclectic and diverse music selections, DJ Buddha LuvJonz seamlessly blends various genres and styles, creating an immersive journey on the dance floor. From pulsating beats to melodic grooves, his sets have the power to transport listeners to a state of pure euphoria, where worries melt away, and the music becomes a transcendent force.

Buddha LuvJonz's talent as a DJ goes beyond just playing music; he has an innate ability to read the energy of the crowd and curate a seamless sonic journey that resonates with their emotions. His sets are carefully crafted, taking listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from high-energy peaks to introspective moments of reflection.


Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, DJ Buddha LuvJonz effortlessly fuses elements of funk, soul, electronic, world music, and more, creating a sonic tapestry that is both captivating and exhilarating. His mastery of rhythm and seamless mixing skills keep audiences on their feet, craving more of his infectious energy.


DJ Buddha LuvJonz's performances are not just about the music; they are transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to witness them. Through his music, he aims to create a sense of unity, connecting people from different backgrounds and cultures on the dance floor, fostering a collective celebration of life and the power of music.


With his infectious energy, unparalleled talent, and a deep understanding of the power of music, DJ Buddha LuvJonz continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide. Whether it's in a crowded nightclub, weddings, at a music festival, or through his recorded mixes, his mission remains the same—to create transformative musical experiences that leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and souls of his listeners.

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